Best daycare school in Jodhpur
Best daycare school in Jodhpur

Frequently Asked Questions

We acknowledge your concern regarding putting your child in the right hands. We understand a Parent would like to know a lot about us before trusting us with their Child’s future. So here is a list of general questions that most of us as parents have before choosing the best pre primary school in Jodhpur for our child.

Minimum Age for a child to be admitted at Snail Tale is 2 years on 1 April of the relevant calendar year.

We are a trusted Pre School in Jodhpur for our curriculum. At Snail Tale we have designed comprehensive programs for children based on their age and learning abilities. We have designated them as Play Group, Nursery, KG, Prep and After School Activities.

We offer a well equipped Online Teaching Program amidst the Corona Crisis.

We conduct frequent Workshops and Seminars for our Parents on child health, parenting, maintaining hygiene and related topics.

We have an Ideal Teacher Student Ratio of 1:20 with 1 helper for every class.

Our School timings for KG and Prep is 8 AM to 11 AM and for Play Group and Nursery is 11 AM to 2 PM.

We provide additional classes and mentoring on Paid basis. We have introduced a mid session program called – “Bridge the Gap ” for students who have suffered loss of studies due to COVID-19. We offer this program at subsidized prices, customized worksheets. This program enables students to complete their session learning in a short time without wasting the year.

We have named our Pre School as Snail Tale for a reason. The name has the essence of philosophy behind establishing Snail Tale. A Snail has an incredible quality of staying Consistent. We believe there is no harm in being a slow learner until you are consistent in your learning. This idea is reflected in our curriculum as well. We appreciate a child even if he learns slowly but is consistently progressing towards newer heights.

Snail Tale aims towards building a child’s practical life skills, senses & character. We believe in treating each child as an individual & letting each child grow & learn at their own pace. We believe that the progress of a child should not be measured by comparing it to other kid’s progress but with past learning of the student himself.

Our Philosophy aims at building a learning environment that builds curiosity, creativity & interest for group interaction in the child. The curriculum, topics & discussions are based on what the child is interested in.

Snail Tale has a comprehensive approach to educating and enriching the whole child. Our preschool curriculum is play based because play is the most appropriate mode for a young child’s learning.  Our experienced and highly qualified teachers enable each child to reach his or her highest potential by supporting children wherever they are on their own learning path and timeline. Our low child-to-teacher ratios and small class sizes enables our teachers to:

  • spend quality teaching time with each child;
  • develop close child-teacher bonds of affection, trust and respect;
  • assess each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and work to achieve the best learning outcomes for each child;
  • work with children in small groups.

Our goal is to build skills that set children up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

We are very particular with sanitation and hygiene. We have hired an agency for this task who undertakes cleaning and sanitizing activities at the end of every day.

Snail Tale being the best Pre Primary school in Jodhpur expects 100% Parental Involvement for a child’s best progress. We expect you to be there at every seminar and workshop that we conduct. Your presence is desirable for ensuring best results for your younger one.

We invest a minimum time of 30 minutes per day for feeding a child’s playing requirements.

Best daycare school in Jodhpur
Best daycare school in Jodhpur
Best daycare school in Jodhpur
Best daycare school in Jodhpur
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