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Play Ideas for Preschool Age Kids

play idea for kids

Preschoolers are like blooming flowers. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or a teacher at school, you need to be very careful in designing the learning curriculum of a blooming preschooler. You need to devise the right mix of love, attention, and a creative, fun-loving mode to grab their attention and teach them the best that’s suitable for their age.

Teaching an adult is relatively an easy task because you don’t have to actually work at making things playful but when it comes to teaching a preschooler, you have to be extremely creative and your brain has to be colorful.

Play is one of the most important ways in which children learn. It underpins formal learning later in childhood, but also enables the individual child to develop their self-worth. In fact, the right to play is deemed so fundamental to children’s wellbeing, that it is enshrined by the UN as a universal children’s right. It strengthens powers of concentration, essential for a successful future in the classroom, and underpins everything from learning social interactions and norms to the beginnings of scientific thinking.

In this article, we will recommend some amazing play ideas for your preschooler!

  • Sand Play

Kids love to play with sand. You can use this tendency to teach them a lot through this easily available play tool. Use wet sand as a board wherein kids can use their fingers to draw shapes and you can also help them learn basic alphabets and numbers on it.

And obviously, you will have to make sure the pit you use has uncontrollable hygienic conditions!

  • Water Play

Make the best use of a hot afternoon in summer vacations to spend time with your child as they laugh their way out in a cute little pool in your garden or backyard. This is the best way to make your child familiar with water bodies (a small pool is a dummy for big pools they’ll see ahead in their lives)! 

  • Colorful Clay

What can be more beautiful than little hands creating their best pieces with colorful clay? Get a packet of colorful clay for your child and leave the rest for him to explore. Trust this, you’ll be super happy to see what your child can create. This is fun and it also enhances a child’s motor skills. 

  • Role Play

Reverse the roles with your child, ask him to play the part of parent or teacher and you be in their place. This is super cute when they try to copy your accent or walk as you do! This will also give you an idea of what they think about you the most or how you are impacting his/her life.

  • Drawing and Painting

This is indeed the age-old trusted play idea for every parent. Almost every child has had a drawing book in their school days that they have loved the most. When you have no other plan to play with your child, get him a paper and some colors and let him enjoy his own time drawing and painting. 

  • Blocks and Jigsaws

Jenga has become a popular game for kids and adults these days. A jigsaw is more suitable for preschoolers. They learn to bring in pieces of a mystery that thrills them. This helps their cognitive development and is an organized game for little children.

  • Music And Dance

Appropriate music and cute dance moves can actually be a great relaxation for kids. Their dance is surely going to be eye candy for you. They might jump to the beats or create their own amazing steps or just twirl, but one thing is certain that they’ll enjoy. 

  • Story Telling

We have all grown up hearing popular bedtime stories from our mothers or grandmothers and we have all been very fond of them. I believe our kids deserve the same sweet childhood! Spend time telling them anecdotes or popular stories and answer their simple questions. This way they are going to learn to relate things in their lives.

  • Nature’s Walk

Take children for an evening or morning walk alongside a park or a lake and talk to them about the beauty of the world we live in. Make them aware of the importance of our mother Earth and be proud of yourself for raising responsible adults of tomorrow.

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